SWEET LIKE CANDY - Vintage Reggae & Soul Party
Wednesday 19th March 2014
Masters Winebar, 217 Kenton Rd, Harrow, London, Qaasuitsup
LOVE SENSATION every week at Masters Winebar - 217 Kenton Rd, Harrow, HA3 0HD

Wednesday 19th March 2014 - from 9pm ? 1am & EVERY WEDNESDAY thereafter


Reggae, Soul, Funky House, Dancehall, Rare Groove, Roots, Revival

Dress Code ? Smart Casual & Birthday bookings welcome

Tune into LOVE SENSATION on Xcellent Radio every Tuesday 5-8pm & Sunday 2-5pm on www.xcellentradio.co.uk

Security Tight but Polite. Come with love in your hearts & minds. See you there


IZC "Untitled"

Packing his track with melting synth patterns, recurring sounds of demonic chimes, and viciously shuffling percussion, Viennese producer IZC proves he is not afraid to explore strange sounds with "Untitled," a cut from his analog-centric Zig Zag EP. The loosely constructed production consistently evokes tension and a relentless feeling of dread, effectively showing off the artist's capabilities in forging dark, ominous atmospheres. Before it drops in digital formats on April 21, the rest of IZC's Zig Zag EP can be streamed in full after the jump.

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Percussive blend of jazz, funk and soul. Influenced by the infectuous afro-beat music of West Africa, Lamine Sonko &
17th May 2014
Camelot Lounge, 19 Marrickville Road Marrickville NSW 2204

†Following a string of sell out shows, Marsala are back at Camelot for another huge party! Marsala covers some of the best music from Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Zimbabwe‚€¶

They do Gypsy Music, Tango, Salsa, Samba, the African Township thing, French Rap, Italian Jazz, Tom Waits songs, Russian Folk songs‚€¶ anything to make audiences feel passionately and dance beautifully. They create passion and romance where ever they go. Audiences can‚€™t help but dance and fall in love with each other‚€™s traditions.

Marsala is more of an institution than a band. It brings together the life work and study of some outstanding musicians. They bring together knowledge and understanding of various traditions and continue to explore and present ‚€˜the world‚€™ in music.‚€ Some of the incredible featured musicians in Marsala include‚€¶

Vladimir Khusid grew up in Azerbaijan and studied trumpet under the rigors of communism. He worked as a trumpet player for all of his early life. He left the USSR during the cold war and the price he paid for taking his family to the west was to have his trumpet, his lively hood confiscated at the airport as they were leaving. He worked in a bread shop in Sydney until he could buy an instrument, learned English and is now one of Sydney‚€™s most respected and well rounded trumpet players as well as being in charge of the brass at Sydney Boys Grammar School. His maturity, wisdom and astonishing playing brings worlds of experience in classical, jazz and traditional Eastern European musical traditions.

Lupco Stojcevski, who learned the Macedonian tradition of music and saxophone from his father Blagoja Stojcevski. This family has kept that tradition alive and strong in Sydney. The saxophone is a totally unique instrument in the hands of a Macedonian musician and this is a strong feature of the Marsala World Music Mix. Lupco‚€™s sax playing has to be seen and heard to be believed!

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