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If you want us to edit/remove/update any content here you MUST send us the actual url of the page you are talking about
The "page url" field is for the url you see in your browser's address bar when looking at the page you want us to do something to.
(there are thousands of listings here from cities all over the world - if you want something changed and don't tell us where to find it your request will be ignored!)

SPRACI is NOT an agency, record label or organiser of events
If you are looking for those check the directory section or look for links and contacts on listings.

This is NOT the place to submit events, news or links
If you want to see something published on spraci, ADD IT YOURSELF!
Its free to do so - all we ask is that you do your own data entry!
  • use the "ADD EVENT" form for events
  • use the "ADD ARTICLE" form for other kinds of news such as
    release announcements, calls for submissions or other articles of general interest
  • use the "ADD LINK" form for links
  • use the forums for general discussion.
  • radio/tv shows or webcasts should use the "RADIO/WEBCASTS FORM" form
    to list one-off or regular broadcasts at specific times
    or the ADD LINK form to list 24 hour stations
For most things you can simply publish it yourself using the forms.
If you send us stuff for publication that you could have published yourself using the forms
on spraci and don't have a good reason for doing so it is likely to be ignored.
(where would the money come from to hire data entry staff? - listings are free)

This form is for enquiries, reports of anything broken, reports of abuse or
other stuff which requires a person here to look into, fix or otherwise act on
in any way other than just doing data entry.

For any questions about any content on any page on spraci
please make sure you include the full url (address) of the page on spraci you are asking about. (so it is clear what you are talking about. There are many thousands of listings, posts and pages here.)
We can't help you if you don't tell us what page you are talking about!

Please do not ask us to send you lists of coming events via email
(if you want to sign up to receive more info from an event promoter about their events go to the form linked from the info page of one of their events)
ALL event info goes into the listings on the website - USE THEM!!!!

"can you tell me what's on in XXXXX on XXXXXX?"
if what you are looking for is not in the listings TELL THE PROMOTER TO ADD IT
(its FREE, all they need to do is enter the details on the ADD EVENT form!)

Please make sure you have looked at the FAQ to check if your question might have already been answered.

The events listings can be seen by clicking on the "GO" button next to the "WHATS-ON" menu on the main page for any city/area/state/country or from the same main page by scrolling down a bit till you see a calendar on the left and then clicking on a date. The list of events sometimes displayed on an area main page is only a list of recently added events and not the actual listings - too see the listings its the whats on menu at the top or the calendar!

Please note that SPRACI does not put on events (if you are an artist or dj looking for work create a profile and add it to our directory in the appropriate categories so that organisers of events can find it!). If you are looking for event promoters look in the "directory" section under "Organisations and Event Promoters".

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To list your event on spraci go to the ADD EVENT form and enter the details.
Its easy!