Stress Buster - London's Emotional Release Class

Friday 24th May 2019

-> Permit forsworn trapped emotions to arise and be voiced <- -> Express the full range of your emotional power through your body <- -> Practice healthy emotional release tools in a group setting <- -> Create space in your body to return to ease and 'just be' <-

Venue: Flow Dance, Studio 2, Unit 3, Ground Floor, Kennington Business Park, 1-3 Brixton Road, London


Time: 6:30pm - 9pm

Emotional release is key to health and wellbeing. It brings us into presence with the whole of who we are and allows us to return to an open and centred sense of ourselves.

By discharging stagnant / long-held emotions we create space for our truth to emerge and to connect with our heart’s desires, joy and pleasure!

What Will We Do?
This group process invites your full range of emotions (from joy and celebration to guilt, grief, anger, shame and fear) into full expression. You will be guided to use structured somatic tools that support you to release energy and E-motions (energy-in-motion) from your body, so you feel lighter, freer and more in control of your being. You will be supported through your individual journey in this group emotional release ritual.

We'll start with an opening circle and intention-setting, then demonstrate these highly effective release postures before moving into the emotional release ritual. We will close with some grounding exercises, sharing and am optional group hug!

* Opening circle
* Intention settings
* Body Activation
* Demonstration of the emotional release tools
* Emotional release ritual
* Shivassana / Integration
* Closing circle

Reasons To Join Us
++ Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe are experienced in emotional release practise and holding a safe and deep container for participants to release emotion.

++ Natalie & Ruth, along with experienced assistants, will be present to support individual and collective processes.

++ You decide how deep you wish to dive into the process. All emotions and all levels of intensity are welcome. We celebrate ALL emotions as healthy manifestations of aliveness. You will be at choice throughout the entire ritual and your boundaries will be fully honoured.

++ Suitable for anyone seeking tools for everyday emotional balance. No prior experience needed - curiosity and openness are the only admission criteria!

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