OH MY GOTH 7 Canberra Gothic Clubs Scene Australia

Friday 9th August 2019

Club events for the Australian Dark Alternative Industrial Gothic Scene in Canberra

DJs: Black Temple & Robot Citizen & Xyberjunk

Venue: 38 Northbourne Avenue

Tickets: Free Entry

Time: 8pm - 2am

"OH MY GOTH" is back for Episode 7.

It's at RELOAD Bar & Nightclub with free entry; music from 8pm to 2am-ish

This event features music in the styles of: dark alternative pop & rock, electro industrial, goth rock, EBM, dark electronic dance music, post-punk, new wave, industrial rock, new romantic, cybergoth, electronica, cyberpunk, electropop, synthpop, witch house, dubstep, industrial metal, nu metal and so on ...

The DJs are:
* XYBERJUNK: DJ at Sydney clubs Elektrocute, Incursion and at Canberra's Vamp.
* BLACK TEMPLE resident DJ at Reload & manager of OMG; guest DJ at dozens of Canberra club events.
* ROBOT CITIZEN organiser of Vamp nightclub (2007-17) and 100s of other Canberra nightclub events before and during then plus guest slots at clubs in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Newcastle

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Event posterised by Robot Citizen.

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A mega-list of relaterated musicifiation projection websitey thingies:

+ www.AustralianGothicIndustrialMusic.com - links to 1000s of songs for 100s of genre related artists, groups, bands, musicians & producers from Australia and New Zealand. A 200+ song Youtube playlist is on via Australian Industrial Gothic Music Band Scene (that link)

+ List of Australian Gothic Scene nightclubs.

+ Archive of 100s of Canberra Gothic Scene Clubs - dates, details, DJs, bands, flyers & posters.

+ Youtube: the DJ Robot Citizen channel with club set playlists and earlier DJ Citizen channel with many other music group playlists ...
Some of the club night playlists:
Sydney Goth Club "Asylum" in 2015 - + - + Oh My Goth #4 at Reload 2019 - + - Sydney Gothic scene event "The Ravens Ball" January 2017 - + - Sydney Gothic club "The Winter Ball" in 2016 - + - Canberra gothic club "Vamp" February 2017 at Lobrow - + - Canberra Burlesque Scene event "Faraway Fever" 2018 at The Abbey - + - Oh My Goth #1 at Reload Civic 2018 - + - Club VAMP at Transit Bar 2016 - + - Canberra Alternative Music DJ "VAMP" in April 2017 ...

+ For an archive of releases (albums, EPs, singles, CDs, tapes) by Blatant Propaganda - Canberra's early alternative music record label - including darkwave, electro punk, industrial, gothic, punk and protest rock bands, indie, hip hop, rap rock and electronic dance music artists, groups & DJ producers from Canberra. The compilations of various artist include:
- A.S.I.N.G.E.D. - 2002 CD of "Australian Synthpop Industrial Noise Gothic Electronic Darkwave" bands.
- S.I.N.G.E.D. 2 2015 sequel of artists from around ANZ.
- the "ElectriCity" 4-volume collection of Canberra electronic music artists & producers from the 1990s and early 2000s; a free download via the Blatant Propaganda bandcamp channel here: electronic music of Canberra volume 1 with links to volumes 234.
- Songs of Protest collection of political protest songs by a variety of independent Australian bands.

+ Links for the label's associated dark alternative electronic-based music artists, groups, bands & musicians include: the EYE band (with other info at sites via these links: EYE music (youtube channel) & the EYE band & EYE music songs (soundcloud) & www.EYEmusic.info . . . DJ Citizen . . . AYA band . . . the E.L.F. . . . XELF . . .

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